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Infrastructure Solutions

Just like a building needs a foundation, an organisation needs a robust IT infrastructure to allow it to operate efficiently. It’s the infrastructure that allows the applications to process information and move data around the organisation easily and securely.

When designing an infrastructure, it is important to consider the current and future requirements of the organisation. As the trend moves towards more data-rich environments, the infrastructure needs to be scalable and use the latest technologies to protect the investment.

Another area to consider is the change in working practices, where more people are working remotely, either from home or out in the community. The infrastructure needs to support these people and allow them to operate as though they were sitting in the main office.

We draw on extensive experience when we design infrastructures for organisations. We incorporate a wide range of solutions into each design, dependent on the current and future requirements. The following are just some of the solutions we can provide to build a robust IT infrastructure:

  • Microsoft Server Solution
  • Novell Server Technology
  • Voice and data
  • Virtualisation
  • Citrix
  • Sun Virtual Desktop Computing
  • Business continuity

Wrapped around our infrastructure solution is a comprehensive consultancy, implementation and support service allowing us to provide the complete solution.

With the right infrastructure in place, applications can be added more easily and information can be processed more efficiently.

Backup Solutions

Given the importance of data and the dependence on it to run an organisation, safeguarding that data is critical. A data backup policy needs to be in place and this needs to include an off-site data backup to ensure no data is lost in the event of any malicious actions or natural disasters.

Off-Site Backup

To provide extra security for data, off-site backups provide an alternative to tape backup solutions.

Restoring Data

Restoring data from off-site backup is a simple and quick process. There is also a version control feature built into the data backup solution and this allows the restoration of any version of the data.

The Benefits of Off-Site Backup

  • Insurance – some companies offer discounted rates for organisations performing office backups
  • Automatic – backups are automated and occur at the same time each day, every day
  • Secure – data is encrypted and stored on secured servers
  • Cost effective – no capital outlay on media or storage devices


Camera and CCTV technology has been revolutionised by IP video capability and the latest advancements mean that these technologies can become truly integrated with standard IT solutions.

We can offer a tailored solution based on your exact requirements, budget and size. With each installation, we work with customers to ensure that all systems and operating procedures comply with the statutory requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the recommendations from the Home Office and Police.

Door Access Systems

Door access and security solutions are becoming more and more commonplace in today’s society. Implementing such a system provides organisations with the ability to restrict employees, visitors or contractors to certain parts of buildings.

Systems Assurance’s door access systems can provide not only the first line of security but can also be a valuable tool for enforcing health and safety control in restricted parts of buildings. Today’s access systems mean that if a key fob/card or token is lost, the specific object can be completely deleted from the system ensuring that security is not compromised.


GDPR Compliance

Server Virtualisation

Business Continuity

Health Checks


Backup Solutions

Mobile Working

Internet Security

Forensic Email

Phishing Mitigation Service

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