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Backup Solutions

Given the importance of data and the dependence on it to run a housing association, safeguarding that data is critical. A data back-up policy needs to be in place and this needs to include an off-site data back-up to ensure no data is lost in the event of any malicious actions or natural disasters.

When considering the risks to data, many organisations focus on the external factors which pose a threat. However, there are also internal factors which can be just as detrimental as, apart from anything else they aren't considered threats. The following are just some of the risks to data in any organisation:

  • Human error
  • PC crash
  • Virus
  • Accidental or deliberate deletion of information
  • Theft, either internal or external
  • Loss or damage to laptops
  • Fire, flood

Offsite Backup

To provide extra security for data, offsite back-ups provide an alternative to tape back-up solutions. With an internet connection, a remote server can take back-ups of files, folders and hard drives at the end of each day, or at more regular intervals if the organisation structure requires it.

The benefits of this are two-fold, the data is backed-up and a copy of it is held off-site. Both of these elements are fundamental requirements in any disaster recovery strategy.

Restoring data

Restoring data from offsite back-up is a simple and quick process. There is also a version control feature built into the data back-up solution and this allows the restoration of any version of the data.

We provide data restore as part of our service and should you need to fully restore all data, we will perform this restore onsite.

The benefits of offsite back-up

To consider the benefits of data back-up, just think what would happen if one morning, there was no data in your organisation. Although it’s a fundamental part of the IT function, there are some additional benefits specifically related to offsite back-ups:

  • Insurance – some companies offer discounted rates for organisations performing office back-ups
  • Automatic – back-ups are automated and occur at the same time each day, every day
  • Secure – data is encrypted and stored on secured servers
  • Cost effective – no capital outlay on media or storage devices


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