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Internet Security

Hackers are constantly working on new, sophisticated methods to access and attack PC’s through the Internet. With access to networks, hackers are free to access confidential information and engage highly destructive software programmes or viruses.

Smaller organisations, without dedicated IT teams, are most at risk but it is essential that all organisations know the risks to themselves, and ultimately their customers.

An unprotected PC can be subject to attack within just twenty minutes of connecting to the Internet (Business Link). Once infected, software and data can be corrupted or lost forever and viruses and Trojans can find out passwords and other information opening up an organisation to substantial financial losses.

A survey conducted by McAfee found that a massive 27% of organisations delayed addressing and repairing security gaps by two days, leaving themselves wide open to attack. 19% surveyed even left it a week before applying any fixes.

As part of our solution offering Systems Assurance provides organisations with the following:

  • Internal network monitoring

To help secure data and systems from internal systems attack

  • Antivirus software

Helps protect your network and PC’s against the latest viruses

  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) security

Helps to reduce security risks by blocking unauthorised users.

  • Web filtering

To ensure that the web is used productively.

  • Firewalls

Create an invaluable ‘barrier’ between the Internet and your network to help prevent against hackers and attack.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

To enable remote and mobile workers to securely access your network whilst encrypting communication to ensure privacy.


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