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Networking (LAN & WAN)

Any organisation will have a requirement for a Local Area Network (LAN) and most will need a Wide Area Network (WAN). organisation

A LAN provides network capability for a local area, such as a floor of a building, although sometimes it can extend further than that. There may be multiple LANs in operation in any organisation, as each remote site is likely to have its own. High-speed communication links may be installed to interconnect these networks.

A WAN covers a larger geographical area and it can extend to include all sites across the organisation. Using communications circuits to connect, the design and performance of the WAN is influenced by communications carriers as their circuits are used to make the connections.

We can provide LAN and WAN solutions as part of our turnkey solution. Incorporating all the strategic objectives and the day-to-day operational efficiency requirements, we can design a communications network to help more effective communication both inside and outside the organisation.

Using best of breed products, our solution is designed, implemented and supported in line with best practice principles.


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